A Letter from Tenuta di Trinoro: Saving the Buds

Dear customers and friends,


I would like to share with you the experience we lived a couple of days ago here in our Tuscan Estate, Tenuta di Trinoro.

Due to the cold temperatures recorded during the evening we decided to place the torches for precautionary purposes in case we got some spring frosts.

3000 torches were placed in about 9 hectares by a team of our workers who took about 2 hours to do the work.

Around midnight the temperature in the Magnacosta field, the lowest elevation at 450m asl, was about 1.8 ° C. The delicate buds, which have blossomed few days ago, should never be exposed to temperatures below 0 °C to avoid the risk of losing the entire harvest.

Around 1 am the temperature dropped to around 1.3 ° C and then rose to around 1.5 ° C.

At 2:30 the temperature touched 1 ° C and it was only at that point that it was decided to turn on all the torches to avoid the worst.

It was a grueling job carried out to perfection by our boys who, through the lighting of the fires, guaranteed that the temperature never dropped below 1 ° C.

It was a long and tiring night but in the end almost the entire vineyard was saved.

Thanks to all those who have actively and morally participated in this rescue.

I am attaching some images of that night.

With regards,


Tenuta di Trinoro - Passopisciaro - Sancaba